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Discover the TRUTH of Miracle Manifestation!
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Discover the TRUTH of Miracle Manifestation!

Join Sri and Kira as they dive into the precious gift of miracle creation. Learn the difference between ego-based desire fulfillment and true manifestation.

Sri and Kira brought forward the TOSA Miracle Team and have witnessed the bonafide presence of miracles for over 12 years. During this episode they will explore the current fear-based energetic “magical thinking” so widely present on the planet and show you how that how that can be harnessed to create the true miracle!

To create miracles we begin with ourselves, with our lives and with our centered depth of presence. Can humanity grow through the current energy of fear and destruction and claim the miracle of expanded heart-centered presence? We say “yes!” together we can create a more heart centered, peace-filled planet.

The phone lines are open and this is a stunning and nothing held back conversation. Call in to ask a question, share a comment or receive a mini soul reading.  

Are YOU ready for a Miracle!!! Shout it out with a smile: “Yes, ready as I can be!” Join us for a high energy declaration of dynamic creation!