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Ascend! Passion in Action!

As the "BEING" of March rapidly culminates and the intensity of the rising April ACTION starts calling...exactly what is going on and how does this affect you? With the heightened sense of Polarity, beating war drums and daily chaos, is it possible to discover your peace-filled center at this time?

The reality is that you are being invited to CLAIM without doubt your Divine Mastery! You are being given the ability to fully Command the light as you MANIFEST your highest dreams and goals.  So if that is what is really going on, why are things perhaps not yet as "good" as you want?  April is the moment to fully open your heart and mind!  Pay attention to everything you are doing and be sure to spend a glorious fun-filled hour tuning into the wisdom and guidance shared by Sri and Kira. For WILL elevate your consciousness as they invite you to explore and expand your awareness and discover your Self-Ascension!

Join us as we dive deep into the truth of what it takes to live in Ascended Presence and the steps you can take now to catapult your dreams into reality.  The phone lines are open for your sharing, comments and questions and the gift of a Mini-Soul reading from Kira Raa.