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WEDNESDAY, July 22nd at 2:00 PM EST
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NESARA & GESARA & GOLD & SILVER Latest Updates PLUS...Pimpy gives a crash course to buying & stacking SILVER!!

NESARA & GESARA National & Global Economic Security and Reformation Act)

Featured Guests, the two foremost leading authorities on NESARA & GESARA

Santa Surfing & Pimpy!! Santa Surfing is a Reporter for Beach Broadcast: YT @Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast & support Santa Surfing by purchasing Trump Cards on her website

Pimpy has the first-hand experience with NESARA and had over $150K of federal college loan debt (25 accounts) REMOVED & DISCHARGED from his own credit report as a direct result of the NESARA Law! Pimpy is also an expert with GOLD/SILVER & foreign currency IRAQI DINAR & VIETNAM DONG.
Follow him on FB & YT @Pimpy’s Investment Chat

1. What's the difference between the 'NESARA & GESARA Global Currency Reset' and the “The Great Reset

2. Will President Trump will be 'the LAST PRESIDENT of the CORPORATION' called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?
a) And become the FOUNDER & FIRST President of our new CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC called the United States of America?

3. How is Trump using NESARA GESARA to stop NWO?
4. What's really going on behind the Trade War?
5. Why are we running out of coins?
6. How is TRUMP bankrupting the FED?
7. Is Cryptocurrency connected with the legendary “Mark of the Beast?”
8. How does the Gold Standard tie in?
9. What's left to be completed prior to Gold Standard?
10. Where are the monies coming from to support NESARA?
11. Explain what's going on with the DEBT clock
12. What's the BIG thing happening in OCTOBER
13. the NEW stimulus package
We will be transitioning from the Central bank system to a gold-backed currency system, called the Quantum Financial System (QFS) to avoid any future inflation. There will also be no more IRS income tax.