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Ep. #386: Utsava-ACCURATE
JFK Jr, Trump, Processing Machine, Tom Hanks, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Will Smith, Ellen, Oprah, John of God, Merkel, Pence, Putin, Maxwell, Reptilians, Clones, Soul-Contracts, Reincarnation, Karma, Fake Reality, 2 Gods, and much more!!

The CONSPIRACY CORNER with Famous Psychic Medium Utsava. Utsava grew up in Switzerland, has a Masters in Psychology, and diplomas in Nursing, Herbal Therapy, Nutrition, & the Healing Arts. She spent six months in India in an Ashram where she learned the highest forms of meditation and spiritual teachings.  

  1.  MK Ultra spell and they die...where do their souls go?

  2. When Oprah fell on stage – was that an MK Ultra handler?

  3. Is Ghislain Maxwell a tyranny?

  4. Is Dr. Faulci's wife Ghislaine Maxwell's sister?

  5. Would the witches destroy her on the astral if she spoke?

  6. Are Marina Abromvic and Ghislain's sister/brother?

  7. Was Ellen involved with Oprah and John of God? Finding children for him to rape and torture before he murdered them.

  8. Why we are seeing so many UFO's? Is it real or government?

  9. Mike Pence. - Pedophile and child murderer?

  10. What was in the envelope given to Mike Pence @ Bush's funeral?

  11. Will Smith.. Pedophile?

  12. Can u ask her to explain more on the 2 Gods.

  13. Satan tries to duplicate God so it's possible they have their own Mary and Jesus.

  14. Will Potus will release the video tribunals to prove to the public that all was not conspiracy theories.