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Ep. #309 Shamanic Retreats with Ayahuasca. “Discover How Shamanic Plant Medicine Ceremonies Offer Soul Travel--Even If You Never Meditated Before!”

GUEST 1: Christine Breese is the founder of Gaia Sagrada in Ecuador and University of Metaphysical Sciences in California. She is also a huachumera, a shamana who works with San Pedro, blessed by the elders to carry the medicine. Topic: Shamanic Retreats with Ayahuasca! Shamanic plant medicine ceremonies offer soul travel through the universe within even if a person has never meditated before. Christine feels it is good for a person to experience that which he or she is aiming for.

GUEST 2: Patricia D. Bokowski is on a mission "To Inspire, Style and Motivate the Masses!" ...and with 400,000+ social media followers – she's killing it!! Patti went from Corporate America to Successful Entrepreneur! CEO & Founder - NineFrogs | Fashion/LifeStyle Blogger | Entrepreneur | Influence Marketing Strategist.

GUEST 3: Frank P. Daversa was an agnostic for 20 years, and has been on a spiritual journey ever since incurring a serious (yet treatable) illness in 1997. He is the Author of Spirituality in the 21st Century. 

SpirituallyRAW "The Ass Whipping Truth" with April and Ajay Matta, and Commentator, Coach Sarge Brown.