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Ep. 308 Learn to Remote View and Become the Ultimate Psychic Detective! Find lost objects, locate the treasure, and missing persons!

GUEST 1: Sherry D. Hopson, Karmic Counselor specializing in analyzing Karmic patterns from past, present, and future life. She reads the emotional energy that creates blocks and disease. Sherry clears and moves energy from the body and life paths redirecting her clients to the outcomes they desire. She also works in all other realms of psychic energy work such as mediumship, hauntings, and future predictions. Sherry is currently working on two books for publication in 2020. Sherry has over 25 years of experience and is an internationally known author, speaker, and radio personality.

Sherry is a psychic counselor and medium for decades; clearing all the energy that may be imprinting from the past, imposing or blocking the good work you are doing this lifetime, or contracts and beliefs that are no longer valid.  Sherry has helped many to identify soul patterns and work through the memories that may be influencing our current actions and choices.  She can find what is unseen and release it or bring it into our consciousness to evaluate.

Sherry has a specialty working with a soul's progression of the emotional aspects of development from lifetime to lifetime and also the developmental process of the master soul groups.  Not only is she known as a past life expert but also very highly recognized for her energy work. She has worked with numerous medical doctors throughout the United States and a biochemist working on cancer research utilizing her medical intuitive abilities.  Her energy clearing work is known to be highly effective in creating a person to create healing and movement through karmic conditions.

Sherry spent the first 26 years of her business career in corporate America working her way up to running a successful national finance firm, she left her position to follow her passion as a spiritual counselor. 

GUEST 2: Supernatural Entertainer, Paranormalist, and Remote Viewer; Michael Telstarr is a Master of Mentalism, and holds 7 World Records in Escapology. At the age of 17, he was the youngest person to perform "Houdini's Water Cell Torture Escape". Michael strongly  believes in mind over matter, and the belief we are more than our physical selves. Master of Mentalism , Michael Telstarr is MAKING A SPECIAL APPEARANCE at the MEGA UFO CONFERENCE, FEBRUARY 15th to 22nd at the Aquarius Resort in Laughlin Nevada. Join him as he amazes you with his entertaining demos to bend metal, levitate objects, and so much more! Michael Telstarr is available for events and seminars on remote viewing, out of body adventures, and lucid dreaming. 


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