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Ep. #306: SpirituallyRAW – Over The Rainbow Bridge.

GUEST #1: Shirley Enebrad's son Cory, had out of body experiences for a year and a half before he died. He spoke of reincarnation before he was two years old. Shirley's grandson was born 13 years after Cory died. When her grandson was two years old he informed her that he was her son reincarnated! He recognized people in photographs that he had never met he talked about his previous lives until he was about 10. Shirley has seen and heard first-hand accounts of reincarnation. Shirley Enebrad is a Speaker, Certified Grief Counselor, and Author of Over The Rainbow Bridge.

GUEST #2: Jeff Dawson, is thirty-five-year road construction veteran, to multi-genre author! His books range from a true love story of his soul mate, to a historical perspective of vampires vs the Third Reich. Jeff’s unique perspective on life and the way he dealt with the back to back tragedies will amaze you with eye-opening revelations! He is the author of Why Did Everything Happen? and Love’s True Second Chance.

GUEST #3: Daniel Metraux (aka Daniel the Healer) is an exceptionally gifted holistic intuitive energy healer with insights into the construct of the energetic multiverse and how that applies to the well-being of humans.
Besides all the different techniques he learned, he has put together his own.  He is the ultimate expert on your Energy Field and offers you his amazing gift of “Healing with Love.”

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