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Ep. 316: Secrets To Getting Intimacy Back

Dr. April Brown has helped over 5,000 individuals, families, couples achieve their goals! Dr. April is a Christian Mental Health Counselor, Relationship and Sex Therapist, Qualified Clinical Supervisor, and Host of Bringing Intimacy Back on BBS Radio. Increasing intimacy in all types of relationships has become Dr. April’s mission, as she provides resources and tips to increase closeness with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. Dr. April’s newest creation is “Vacation Counseling”, which is an intimate, exclusive, and effective couples counseling retreat starting in the Summer of 2020 in Southwest Florida.

Crystal Iserhoff, Clairsentient Intuitive Healer, Exceptional Hypnotherapist, Motivational Speaker, and Transformative Life Coach. Crystal helps clients delete unwanted energy blocks and resistance so they can live their full potential.  In addition, Crystal teaches clients, who want to further their own intuitive abilities, tap into their full energetic healing gifts.   

"There is a balance between the physical and energetic world. When you take action to clear both ends of the spectrum, you are powerful as a creator to obtain your dreams."