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Ep. #305: SpirituallyRAW - How to Use an Oracle Deck in 3 Easy Steps for Maximum Success and Ensure Prosperity! Wednesday, Dec. 25th @ 2:00 PM EST

Debbie Anderson, British Clairvoyant ​& Spirit Communicator, and Healer for over 30 years. Leading Expert on How to Use an Oracle Deck in 3 Easy Steps for Maximum Success to Open Doors, Make Decisions from a Place of Alignment with Spirit, and Ensure Ease and Prosperity! Born in England, Debbie is a natural healer who has worked in the magical sphere of spirituality all of her life, bringing forth many modalities that have manifested and evolved along the way. Author of two oracle decks & two affirmation decks.

Wynne Thornley, Certified Reiki Master Teacher and Channel to the Aethers, natural born channeller, and loves all things metaphysical, paranormal, and woo-woo!! Wynne is the author of a collection of Intuitive Development manuals called The Seat of Your Soul Workshop Series. There are currently 6 books and 2 more in the wings.
Professionally Trained and Certified:
-Usui and Karmic Reiki Master & Teacher
-Angelic Connection & Mediumship
-Crystal and Flower Therapy
-Earth Angel Reader; Souls Origin
-Space Clearing and Curing
-Akashic Records Practitioner
-Student of Clinical Aromatherapy
-Student of Angelology and Demonology

Pamela L Henderson, CFO is the key player of 65 Max  Organization. Pamela overcame injustice fighting to save her grandson's life for 7 years, against all odds of being ostracized, shunned, criticized, bamboozled, and put into a financial hardship on this journey towards success. Pamela is an inspiring leader and utilizing her expertise to share with others about taking responsibility for your actions, changing your mindset, and behavioral habits into dreams and aspirations, by presenting your passions and talents in a positive way!