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Michelle Anna-Marie Santana,
Advocate For Children Who Survived Childhood Sexual Abuse.

Michelle is also changing the way adults are talking about this epidemic! "Until we can talk about it openly without embarrassment,
how can we expect our children to?"

The angel doll originated out of the process of healing from Michelle's childhood sexual abuse trauma. It is her desire to start a foundation to make and distribute the angel doll to girls who are victims of sexual abuse. The angel doll holds a heart that opens up and has the poem inside that reads Tell It All My Child. Michelle has an idea to design a lion name Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis and she would like to get their permission to use the name Aslan as the lion that carries this same poem for boys who are victims of sexual abuse. Her dream is big and she knows she will need help. 

Michelle's mission is to bring child sexual abuse into the light and out of the darkness. Through her books, she shows parents that sexual abuse should be reported and not hidden because of shame and embarrassment. 

Show Topics:

1.) Childhood Sexual Abuse

2.) Trauma

3.) Psychology

4.) Self-help

5.) Mental Illness