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THE FILIBUSTER - Protector of the Minority or Tool for Obstructionists with guest Eli Zupnick.
Eli Zupnick
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THE FILIBUSTER - Protector of the Minority or Tool for Obstructionists with guest Eli Zupnick. Eli is now the spokesman for Fix Our Senate – a coalition of liberal and labor groups formed to advocate for filibuster elimination, which has launched a six-figure ad campaign and plans to deploy field operatives in states where Democratic senators have expressed reluctance to ditch the rule. This group stands in opposition to the Senate rule that allows any senator to block legislation by extending debate. We'll discuss with him a long-standing rule that has dominated legislation in the United States Senate. Tune in as we debate whether this is a protection for the minority or a tool designed to derail the majority. Join in as we list the pros and cons of ending this rule and consider what it might mean for the DC statehood bills. 

Fix OUR Senate