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What makes us happy? Which path to choose?
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What makes us happy? Which path to choose? How to find balance between what we love doing and what pays the bills? These and many other questions come to our minds when we are thinking about our career and what we want to do "when we grow up". Some of us choose to go through life thinking there isn't much choice, while others feel extremely uncomfortable knowing there is more to life than 9-5 jobs that don't excite or make a difference in the world.

There are ways to figure out what would be a great and deeply satisfying career choice regardless of your age or current position. There are amazing tools available to receive an accurate information about your individual make-up, talents, challenges and life's purpose. And even to see what is stopping you from realizing your full potential. And there are people willing to help you along the way so you have all the support you need! Imagine helping your children to be happier and self-realized when you know form an early age their hidden talents, challenges and opportunities and what you can do about them!

We will be discussing these and many other aspects of Self-Realization with our guests Oksana Gritsenko (Certified Life and Mind Coach) and Lucy Gritsenko (Holistic Astrologer). Together they have founded Solful Gifts. Inc, a company that helps people become whole-functioning, self-realized and happy.

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