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The Rise of the Phoenix and the Return of the Masters with Special Guest Douglas Ross Hamilton

Join Joel Ayapana for another intriguing and inspirational hour of talk radio as Special Guest Douglas Ross Hamilton enters the sacred space of Quantum Mindfulness Radio... as they will converse intuitively about the inter-relationship between Sacred Geometry, Synchronicity, the Paradigm Shift, the Mystery Schools of Pythagorus, the Energies of Ancient Wisdom, and the Rise of the Phoenix: A Return to Grace. Douglas Ross Hamilton is an expert on Ancient Native American Culture, the effigy mounds of the Southern Ohio Valley region, a world renown public speaker, and the author of THE MYSTERY OF THE SERPENT MOUND, A TRADITION OF GIANTS, and STAR MOUNDS. 
This inspiring broadcast will also conclude with the sounds of Fractal and the title of the inspiring, high-octane track featured within this broadcast... is URCHIN - Remixed by returning Dub Step Talent - Agent 11. Please CLICK on the following LINK to know more about this Musical Artist:
The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart by Joel A. Ayapana 
Quantum Mindfulness Radio with Joel Ayala Ayapana RN, BSN, BA