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The Spark and the Highly Sustained Message from the Heart: The Rekindling of Humanity's Flame with Special Guest Dee Wallace
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The Spark and the Highly Sustained Message from the Heart: The Rekindling of Humanity's Flame with Special Guest Dee Wallace   

JOIN... us for another intriguing and inspiring episode of Quantum Mindfulness Radio on Monday, October 27th, 2014 - 8pm Pacific/ 11pm Eastern Standard Time... which can be TUNED into and found... ONLY... on the BBS Radio Network. 

Joel Ayala Ayapana, author of his newly published book - The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart - and the host of this increasingly publicized, widely favored, and critically acclaimed online Radio Talk Show, will guide you into the realms of heightening potentiality and beyond the realms of the ILLUSION. The primary intentions of this broadcast will be focused upon the "Spark" of Global Awareness to "Our Interconnectivity" in Spirit... and in the illuminescence found within the beauty of inspiration - and such inspiration, that we can dearly speak of as it relates to "Legitimate" Worldly Change, can be found from within the "Message" of which his Special Dear Guest, for this specific broadcast, will be long-time running actress and world-reknown celebrity:

Dee Wallace

For those of you who are Children of the 1980's... such as myself... Dee Wallace has been known as THE QUEEN of SCREAM... starring in Blockbuster Movies... such as Steven King's horror flick thriller "Cujo" and along with one of my most favored of Horror Films - "The Howling." And of course... we all know the mother of Elliot on Steven Spielberg's Blockbuster Hit - "E.T." She has also starred in other Horror flick thrillers, such as, "Critters" and in "The Hills Have Eyes."

Additionally, we can now officially announce that Dee Wallace will be reconnecting back under the guidance of Steven Spielberg for his NEW ABC Series - THE WHISPERS - shooting (as we speak) in Vancouver, Canada. Dee says, "It's great to be reunited with the director who put me on the map."

Ms. Dee Wallace is also the author of her two of most recent of inspiring books:



She is so giving and is ever-the-more passionate about raising the Global Consciousness and of its Vibrations, here, on Mother Earth, that she is currently hosting her most invigorating and fascinating of accomplishments to date - Conscious Creation Radio on Blog Talk Radio, which can be viewed and listened to at the following Website LINK:

MUSIC utilized for the broadcasting of this show, is provided for and produced by Dub Step Recording Artist - MOON VEIL - of whom is featured at the completion of this night's broadcast with Moon Veil's Mood-Inticing and Inspirational TRACK: SCORPIO - from his newly released album (entitled) - Snake Charm - EXCLUSIVELY observed and enjoyed on Quantum Mindfulness Radio. CLICK on the following LINK for more information about this Artist: