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Mother’s Day Special: The Power and Significance of the Rise of the Sacred Divine Feminine

The topic of this endearing show, as guided by Spirit, and as it falls precisely and synchronistically on the Blessed Day of the Mother (Mother's Day on 5/11/2014)) is a subject matter least understood within the superficiality of things, amidst the illusion of societal context, when compared to Generalized Western Societal Constructs and understanding. But, more or less, the subject matter of the "Significance of the Sacred Divine Feminine" is mentioned quite frequently and more often than what we have been conscious of from our most recent or far off history.

When we often speak in reference to the Divine Feminine, we often utter words and thoughts and in celebration to the following succinct and intricately related connotation: Mother Earth... Mother Gaia... Mother's Day... Mary Mother of God... Mother Sekhmet... Isis... the Mentrual Cycle... Shiva... Mary Magdalene... The Nursing Process... The Goddess... Easter... Ishtar... The Womb... Fertility… Creation… Birth… Rebirth… Recycling…. Renewal... Manifestation. Amidst the superficiality of things, we often place subconscious focus upon the nature of these topics separately, but when we begin to release the olden paradigm of mindset and in surrendering in to the Energies of The Divine Femine, we shall then discover that there is a relationship between them all. 

Whether this state of heightened awareness, in consciousness, is uttered by the very words of the ancient Kahuna's, the prophecy of the Hopi, the Sioux, the Lakota, the Mayan elders, the various beliefs of indigenous tribes, the Vedic concepts passed down from the Upanishads, or the secrets held within Gnosticism, Sufiism, and perhaps even from the Kabbalah, all of these of most sacred of ancient sources draw one of the most common of themes as they have come to find an interconnected relationship to the Sacred Divine Feminine of Energies, which is an ENERGY and of an AWARENESS that has been spreading like wildfire to the very root of our consciousness in assisting with the Evolution of Humanity. As we allow for ourselves to collectively open our hearts in allowing ourselves to surrender in faith to the Universe, we shall begin to witness that the World is changing right before our very own eyes.