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A Diagnosis is Just a Word: Disempowering the Energies of the Illusion with Special Guest Staci Marshall

On the next highly anticipated broadcast of Quantum Mindfulness Radio, join Joel Ayala Ayapana as he interviews and shares the miraculous journey of Staci Marshall...

Staci Marshall is an alternative medicine proponent who is passionate in sharing how she reversed her Stage 2 Triple Negative Breast Cancer in 8 months without the use of “traditional” medicine or therapies. By adopting a raw, natural & healthy lifestyle as well as incorporating supplements & other holistic modalities, her personal journey has now inspired many to look at their current lifestyles and begin the transition into energetic, positive & self-healing human beings. She was also selected as The Radical Remission Project’s Healing Story of the Month for May 2014. Staci has a degree in Psychology from CSUFullerton and has been actively involved in the Holistic & Metaphysical communities. She is currently earning her B.A. degree in Parapsychic Science from the American Institute of Holistic Theology (AIHT).

Staci Marshall was such a wealth of innately born Knowledge and Heart-Felt Wisdom... that she NOW holds the Title of "Synergistic Health & Wellness Consultant" for Quantum Mindfulness Radio. She will be making frequented appearances on the show to provide listeners with vital tips and post-diagnosis recommendations for Healthy Living & Feeling.

Staci Marshall:
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Staci Marshall:
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Music provided for by World-Reknown INSPIRATION and Multi-Award Winning Singer & Songwriter Paul Luftenegger as his MUSIC is featured at the conclusion of this broadcast with his Award-Winning Single and Highly Recognized Album Release - "Diamond Light" by Paul Luftenegger. And you can be able to know more about the AMAZING Paul Luftenneger by CLICKING on the following LINKS:

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