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This week on Paradigm Shifters:


Paradigm Shifters presents Mas Sajady ( Mas  uses his ELECTRICAL ENGINEER'S Training on human of our frequencies to liberate us from limiting patterns.  As we stimulate our own frequencies with our minds and intentions w e can release ourselves to healing, to evolve into higher realms of our beings. Oh my!

I am so pleased to speak with Mas about empowering ourselves, and what can happen when we break out of programs in our lives or the life of the world. What an honour it is to shift Paradigms in his light. You'll love the feeling as his frequencies boost yours! It's a stimulus package of conscious evolution!   CHANGE THE ENERGY CHANGE THE REALITY!

A Message from Veronica --


HI Everyone,


Mas, the Exponential Intelligence Wizard, certainly reminds us that you and I can empower ourselves and as we do, everyone in our reality moves and changes.   And that includes moving through the pre election insanity, and through air waves littered with lies and marketing.  Know who you are and where your heart is. Not just about the election, but what you are, both inside and outside of ourselves. You can choose to evolve life ~ for the greater good, and for love, for mother earth and all life.  Daily or even more often, center yourself,  draw and stream of golden light down from SOURCE, thread it through your body, and into the core of the earth.   As you do it regularly, you will know its there and f eel its energizing presence.  Spin it as a powerful spiraling golden light through yourself.  You will build your radiance.   It will lift others around you.   Notice them brightening in your presence  And it's contagious!