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This week on Paradigm Shifters:


FORGIVENESS!  Have you ever thought about what would happen if the population of our world, engaged in 

forgiveness throughout time.   Wowee!   Colin dreams that for us - as he says, our deep and complex soul's journeys choose experiences we want or yearn for.  Sometimes, in their pull, we call it karma.  He simplifies it and suggests we just want experience and to enrich or understand our personal journey.
With his series of inner investigations, he leads us into ourselves and what we are after in this life, or this experience.    From there we deepen into our relationships to one another on our soul's journey.   Great cogitative material into yourself!   So, then we can approach and unhook differences with depth, and a healing rapport with our difficulties.... EUREKA!!! - When we know more of what we are, we can feel less bonded in angst to exes, family trauma far and wide, political figures, finding even relief or purposeful clearing of a lot of the worlds' activities that seem dangerous or repugnant. They can be designed by reaction, or ignorance, or possibly by an intentional exploration.
So much to consider here.   
Maybe you will be alerted to some of your own purpose in this interview.
Tune in Tuesday, - NEW TIME 5 PM PT September 19th  


Paradigm Shifters ~ with Veronica Entwistle

Tuesday, 5pm (pst) ~ September 19th.

Special Guest ~ Colin Tipping

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A Message from Veronica --



The fracases (I like to call them fricassees) going on round the world in the soups of possession, containment, greed, and fears of all sorts are just blocking progress it seems.  My purpose is about evolving or becoming always communicating.  We are assured by our Guides that we have capacities far beyond what we know.   Our abilities to heal, to communicate without technology, also explore the incredible powers of love and intention which can actually ease the problems. Centering in our Central Nervous System, Core or our Soul's Light, we can stabilize ourselves and our evolutionary goals. As the dire warnings (ie. 2025 and The Heritage Foundation takeover!) increase let's remind ourselves that a number of great beings, calmed storms, affected the atmosphere, and so much of it is chronicled in eg. the Bible.   Or in some of my Paradigm Shifter' interviews like Peter Calhoun. He and Rolling Thunder are only a few examples... there are more like him!.... examples that tell us stories of stunning healings.
Call soon for your session and let's see the goals of your path, and undo some of the belief containments that slow you down... either in your healing of self and others.  
Love to speak with you soon - or let's just share light this way.  Rise to the occasion of NOW!
510  2595-5564