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Paradigm Shifters this week brings us CHANGE.  Change in how we have accepted normalcy, in life's pace of evolution.   The rate of awakening right now is jolting and changing throughout humanity and as Adam C Hall is hosting an exciting discussion with the future potential of us all. Adam C Hall, Divine Genius, The Unlearning Curve discusses the breakthroughs, the art of relinquishing the reality of real success in order to meet this evolutionary journey, Adam was coached by a Peruvian shaman to meet his own emerging shamanic self. This talk with Adam was a wonderful ability to connects streams of wisdom, releasing old attitudes and beliefs.... 13 steps to unlearning, to meet up with a invigorating changes that can guide our steps to wisdom and our future, and how in change and seeming chaos, we actually can feel comfort in the bubbling of greater possibilities.  Greater possibilities are moving through us all and really, we want it!

Paradigm Shifters ~ with Veronica Entwistle
Tuesday, 5 PM PT (it is a new time!)

Paradigm Shifters ~ with Veronica Entwistle

Tuesday, 5pm (pdt) ~September 12th.

Special Guest ~ AdaHall

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A Message from Veronica --



Hello Everyone,
Guidance consistently refers to systems breaking down.  Changes in housing, widening gaps between haves and have nots, lawyer run governments, marketed news, no checks and balances.   Some advantages give us great photography with inexpensive phones, international rapport on all levels.   
Our planets' frequency changes catalyze impacts - even, I heard, on our soul's karma.  Can we move with it?   Everything pulsing, spiraling - universes - molecules - moving together and apart.   In its bizarre - not square but spiral dances -  sparkling  new realities move through our worlds, AND within each of us.   
CAN YOU SEE THEM?   Reach up with your mind to infinity.   Draw down a golden stream of the universal light into the top of your head.  Squeegee your central nervous system with its light.  
NOW: Take a few minutes and look at some of the things you want to work with in yourself.   Some old reactions might challenge you but take a deep breath and recognize that you (and I) are in states of BECOMING.  Nonstop motion is birthing your new inner self.   Release and respect new potential of physical restraints like money, fear, doubt.  Breathe.   Breathe.   Breathe.  Let go and know you are becoming.
Maybe you would be inspired by some loving, nurturing feedback as you let your potential bloom.
A time to speak with my Guides and Angels about YOUR BECOMING.
Much love,
Veronica Entwistle


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