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Paradigm Shifters presents Tim Costello of

This week on Paradigm Shifters:

Tim Costello is one of Bellingham's heroes. He started Slum Doctor ( and has worked successfully fighting the AIDS' and other ongoing viruses. I am rerunning this 2008 show with his perceptions and experiences with another virus which was frightening. He has learned, worked, shared and loved people in a number of very different cultures under different sieges. This interview is rich. He continues to work through Western Washington University to educate and serve round the world, to help people who are overwhelmed with poverty and disease. I felt it was useful to re-listen to this giving our current situations with Covid and its variants. We CAN learn and improve our compassion and protection of one another.

I hope I will find Tim happy to rejoin us soon with an update of dealing internationally, compassionately with pandemics, global climate distress and

one another. Let's add what it will take to consciously evolve and love one another.

Tune in tonight Tuesday November 26th,

Paradigm Shifters ~ with Veronica Entwistle

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Special Guest ~ Tim Costello

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A Message from Veronica --

Hello Everyone,

What an insightful and compassionate man. I mentioned evolution as I believe that the changes in the atmosphere, climate, social systems and that amazing core light in you and I, all writhing to express a higher level of being and always with a focus on love.

My second class POD, the second section of our intuitive development classes start on this Saturday at 11 AM and go until Noon. Our focus now is to connect our own deeper frequencies and desires for higher consciousness.

Our fees for the individual classes are $35. $100 for the second group of three.

Be in touch with me through or

510 595-5564 in order to receive the zoom meeting link for the class.

Much love


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Paradigm Shifters

special guest:

Tim Costello

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