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Paradigm Shifters presents Dr. Cass Ingram ~ Can Covid be vanquished with Oregano Oil?

This week on Paradigm Shifters:

Paradigm Shifters Presents - Dr. Cass Ingram, Osteopath, Naturopath, Scientist, and Miraculous herbalist. His early book The Cure Is In The Cupboard, is followed by a series of books adding fascinating potions. A truth that many homes hold dear. Dr. Ingram brings us stories of COVID-19, and, with Oil of Oregano as a base, turns around dire health of workers and patients.

He brought this harsh tasting herb from the mountains of Iran. He claims the use of Oil of Oregano has turned round a number of illnesses entirely, a treasure served from Gaia's table! Years ago, he was stuck by a needle contaminated with HIV, which began his search for the impossible. His explorations with Oregano – presented a brilliant learning process. Add his own bout with Lyme's Disease, and decades of patients and research into the flaring ailments of our society. Now Covid 19.

I am excited to bring Dr. Ingram to you with his long term dramatic and successful history, reminding us all of the startling bounty of plants and the use of their power in potions with their huge range of healings in body, mind and spirit.

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Paradigm Shifters ~ with Veronica Entwistle
Tuesday, 8pm (pst) ~ October 19th.
Special Guest ~ Dr. Cass Ingram
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A Message from Veronica --

Hi Everyone,

The covid situation seems to be easing, But here is an approach to natural healing I thought would trigger some inspiration.

I have noticed in my work that many of you have risen into self realization and self awareness through the lockdowns. People finding out what they believe in.... others what they do not believe in any longer. But self realization is the true name of the game.

In my world I am understanding so much more about the many levels of being alive, of the multiple energy bodies we all have, and how so many of us are becoming able to use them independently - to create greater advances in personal health, spiritual understandings and so much more. Oddly as we have shared the lockdowns and the inane edicts and political lines over who is in charge, we are coming out of it with more awareness - Like being KIND. KINDNESS to one another is the greatest gift. So maybe this is the rising light challenging a world in fear and at odds with one another.

To me it will cut right through political divisions and lift many minds to the greater good here on the planet and beyond.

Let me know what you think. Hey Is it time for your next session?

Much love

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Paradigm Shifters
special guest:
Dr. Cass Ingram
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Veronica Entwistle is an intuitive energy counselor whose guides take her into a deep and loving exploration of the inner conscious, the universe, and the realms beyond. She is known for her wit, love and compassion, and ability to unhook realities from limiting patterns.

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