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   Waves of Change Kindled by Laughter!
Paradigm Shifters move us - ideally! - out of our inhibitions, or being afraid to take a chance on what they wanted to say or do.  Or moving someone, whether it is troubled children or brilliant scientists working to create the Hedron collider in Switzerland.   Great physicists from all over the world were gathering there in Switzerland to put their heads together.  Improvisation to break them out of their self consciousness.  Let's let Jayne talk about that and other great gifts that come from the release through improv acting.
 December 21st   8PM     THE LETTER SHOW   LIVE in Bellingham's New Prospect Theatre
Jayne hosts a variety of guests.  Each one is reading a letter they have found in their own history.  Or from even ancient history.   They tell amazing stories but to hear them in the emotional tone of their time, and some are days ago, but represent a life changing experience.  And some historical.   It carries your mind into its own visuals.  And is interesting art.  
Jayne ran a LETTER SHOW like this for a few years in LA!  
The shows will be recorded and then become available to us all.  
Love to all and Blessings
Any feedback you have on these shows is greatly appreciated.  
Paradigm Shifters ~ with Veronica Entwistle

Tuesday, 5pm (pst) ~ November 28th.

Special Guest ~ Jayne Entwistle

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~ if you are unable to listen on Tuesday, not to worry - you can listen several days later on:



A Message from Veronica --



Hi Everyone   
I hope you are praying in "NEW BEGINNINGS" for this period of time on our planet.  Wowee!  There is so much to consider.  Like I appreciate the refocusing on the word TRIBE instead of nationality.    Each section of life has been designated into this or that country and whether or not we want that place to handle it or not.   Crazy tumult.
Tribe seems to aspire more to an ancient and modern force wanting to meld with one another on this planet.
The whole thing about the GenZees not impressed with who they are supposed to be or to align with many who seem to be more impressive. stronger, richer, worthier by nature of their storehouses or greed....or their fame.  I  have heard several speaking about the trauma that they had, trying to understand the viciousness of mankind, even Christians supposedly purporting to walk the path of peace, forgiveness, and generosity, show us all how easy it is to buy into verbiage to supports whatever the theory, or the competition is about.
Hard work for you!.   RECOMMENDATION that can literally tickle your fancy - Reach up with your mind into infinity plus one.  With your etheric fingers draw the energy down to the top of your head, an electric cosmic cord.   Feel it pierce and percolate through your spine.  Does your body shift?  How do your colours look.  Check your mirror after doing this several times...maybe in a week.   Do you feel its electrical spark or its soft warm glow?   Or both?
If you and I can draw that electric force through your mind, oh boy!  we are ahead of ourselves warming up, possibly even jumpstarting a process of self-perpetuating.
I would love you to practice this little exercise and look at your reflection and share differences that you notice.  And how do people and animals respond to you.   Do you look more beautiful??   I am certain you do!  If you practice regularly, you will feel it grow and be fierce.  And the healing work both inner and outer invites you to spark and perk in ways you find new.   Oh, this might take practice, and hopefully enjoying practice even on the phone or at a store. 
Just let me know how you FEEL about you, after boosting your electrical fields.
Don't forget to call for your session... it's a great time of year to take stock on what you want to do, what you have done, and who you want to be when you grow up!  
Much love always
Veronica and our fantastic Guidance with their unique rapport with you 
Much Love,
510 595-5564