Headlined Show, Paradigm Shifters May 4, 2021

Paradigm Shifters with Veronica Entwistle
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May 4, 2021
This week on Paradigm Shifters:
Paradigm Shifters presents Randy Masters
Paradigm Shifters Presents Randolph Masters, of UNIVERSAL SONG, musician, sound healer extraordinaire add sacred geometrics, mathematics.... what do these all have in common?
Randy is a fascinating weaver of the streams and strands of sound and light, music and colour. He knows how to sense and read vibrations, to design a healing force, and bring us information that will be beyond our three dimensional understanding.
Let's talk to Randy about how you and I can HEAR and SEE life's radiances with consciousness. His understandings actually heal people. Randy is a very exciting man who lives a life of design and can teach us all that is actually evolutionary. From an understanding of 3D we can meet evolution on its cutting edge and impact our future.
Paradigm Shifters ~ with Veronica Entwistle
Tuesday, 8pm (pst) ~ May 4th.
Special Guest ~ Randy Masters
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A Message from Veronica --
Hi Everyone,
This is an exciting interview. lt is kind of political isn't it? When we have the ability to radiate consciously, to radiate higher by choice, we have the ability to change a lot of what is happening on our planet. Partially by choosing the frequencies that are becoming available to us alll. As I say, we have to learn to choose frequencies by choice. Imagine reaching up as if with the etheric fingers of your mind to pick and pull new frequencies to redesign your mind.... we end up learning more and more.
Mothers Day is coming. I invite us all to focus inside long enough to explore what you have created for yourself, because of your mother. It might seem that she was harsh, but the art is to see what you learned, or how you decided what you wanted to do and be because of her. Did she love you like mad? Did she abandon you? Was it a variety of influences? Did you have a rage that build empires? On and on go the questions. Let's make a list to rework the mothering you received. We might all be surprised at how it impacted you as an adult. Checking out the strength and drive of your own unique potential or the life you knew deeply that you were meant to live.
Join us on Sunday, 10 AM on a Mother's Day Meditation, a walk through some geometric designs so you feel frequencies set up to affect you, some healing work for other people. Folks who want to MOTHER and nurture themselves in a group. SO Happy Mother's Day to us all.
Much love
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special guest:
Randy Masters
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