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MEET "DR. MARC" with Veronica, tonight on Paradigm Shifters  Dr. Marc Cohen leads the way in EXTREME WELLNESS  with a brilliant weaving of body/mind consciousness,dance, fun, intention and 2 PHD's.   At 8 PM PT tonight, tune in to hear Dr. Marc Cohen and Veronica, engage you in the vibrant art of who you are!
As a registered GP with degrees in physiology and psychological medicine, as well as Ph.D's in Chinese medicine and biomedical engineering  Add dance as he blends the latest in evidence-based medical science, with holistic health approaches.  EXTREME WELLNESS adds FUN and FOCUS to wellness conscious explorers. Dr Marc has pioneered the introduction of complementary, holistic and integrative medicine into mainstream settings
This week on Paradigm Shifters:
Paradigm Shifters is honored to bring you Dr. Marc Cohen, renowned for his forty plus years in Medicine, studies, teaching and his ongoing multi layered research into WELLNESS.
His laboratories include his own body, seminars he leads and enjoys throughout the world, and many patients.
Systems of movement, both ancient and modern, indigenous, Martial Arts, dance, breath work, climbing.... oh my.... Dr. Marc is always pushing the edges of endurance and healing. Add nutrition, love and fun. Dr. Marc constantly integrates and packages these frontiers which embody these discoveries, under the arts of evolution, and EXTREME WELLNESS.
Paradigm Shifters ~ with Veronica Entwistle
Tuesday, 8pm (pst) ~ June 9th.
Special Guest ~ Dr. Marc Cohen
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