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Paradigm Shifters presents Rizwan Verk and the Zen of Business
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Paradigm Shifters presents Rizwan Verk and the Zen of Business

This week on Paradigm Shifters:

Love this rerun.   Rizwan Verk is a meditation student using his grand learning to develop his business world... highly successful... using all his  meditation techniques.

Here we all are in the mix of gain and loss, hovering over possibility with Covid's dominance, it's wonderful to learn successful journeys led by people who followed messages which came, often disrupting them, but leading each of us faithfully to where we can find success as a meditation.

Paradigm Shifters ~ with Veronica Entwistle

Tuesday, 8pm (pdt) ~ July 5th. 

Special Guest ~Rizwan Verk

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A Message from Veronica --

Hi Everyone,   

Tonight’s commentary will be about independence and freedom for obvious reasons.

What is freedom?  We can be writhing, bound by our limited identity, tied up by beliefs that could be coming from family or our history like “in my family we all get sick easily”, or “I can only succeed if I go to the right college” or “tall people are smarter”. Some came from early childhood, with some outdated.   Or, in our zest to belong, that word FREEDOM, can become tangled up in masses of attitudes and doubts, like a hairdo in need of combing.  

I think about it.   I recognize the traps of my own beliefs and fears, habits of thought, and how they keep many of us from BLOOMING or BECOMING.   Like, if I change my identity, I won’t belong. My family and income could be in jeopardy.   Are we stuck?  How can we move past this?   That is the question.  Not only for you and me, but for large groups of people looking for peace. 

Let’s realize that barriers or tethers to beliefs aren’t in cement. Rizwan Verk had a mystical experience as he sought a business career.  He learned through meditation and releasing processes, he knew he was vibrationally mutable.  Pruning away the ifs ands and buts consciously, through meditation and releasing processes, he deepened his understanding of other people, his intuition became more and more adept, while empowerment evolved to sharing and forgiveness.

As I watch our world, often in the name of wealth and freedom, conquer, divide, punish, and dominate through resources or people, it seems that, in investigating the etheric meaning and values expressed by our words, and our goals we can understand the mutability of goals that can transcend our drive to dominate others, and add, to create freedom for many people round the world.  

Let’s move our words to increasing understanding.  Let’s center and allow our meditations to give our words both value and wings to lift us out of the confines of our shrinking world.   Know that as even a few of us become stronger about the upward mobility of our thoughts and feelings, and our intentions, the world can shift, even ever so slightly, to a loftier goal for life on our planet and beyond. 

Call in for your session and let’s enjoy a new loving mutability in your heart and soul. 

Much love


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Tues July 5th ~ 8pm pst

Paradigm Shifters

special guest: Rizwan Verk

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