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Message from Veronica


Happy Summertime! 

I'm enjoying the warmth.  It always makes me feel more possible!


Reruns, recycling, doing our sacred geometric structures and recognizing the power of our rapport with subtle energy, I chuckle.

There is so much magic in and around us all, we are learning to actually design our realities with it... calling down specific frequencies, adding to them.  

On Sundays I lead a meditation group called the Structures, based on a meditation I used to do using sacred geometric structures. I looked up Structures here in Bellingham yesterday, and there is a brewery called Structures Brewery. Perfect! We are using or learning to organize universal energies round ourselves to brew our lives and heal consciously.  How fun!


Evolution! It seemed more than appropriate this week to return Qi Gong to center stage... Put a little grace into change... Pull a golden stream down from infinity plus one, spiral it through your central nervous system and practice feeling it energizing and centering you. Read more about this week's Paradigm Shifters rebroadcast of an interview with Qi Gong Master Ming Tong Gu, below.


Love to all.

Call for centering reading session soon.

Veronica and Guides



Ming Tong Gu of the CHI Center in New Mexico talks to us all about the incredible simplicity and energy wonders of Qi Gong. This rerun is so rich, done in the middle of the covid lockdown. Master Ming Tong Gu shares perspectives on humans being confined whether in a virus or at home. There are advantages of the entire world sharing a predicament of massive clinical depression.  But what can happen when in the circular motions of Qi Gong our trapped energies connect with Source. As we move en masse, many illnesses can be healed. Possibilities for our entire species or a large part of it, can deepen into a universal oneness.  As such a loving Spirit, his heart can pull us all into Unity.