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Paradigm Shifters presents Nandhiji
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This week on Paradigm Shifters:


Paradigm Shifting brings you, more of you! Nandhiji is a guru, a man whose journey through layers of our society, studying business then awakening over and over to the greatness of being a guru, a light teacher. Nandhiji believes in now, waves of consciousness penetrating the karmically laced reality of war, greed, leftover “stuff”. He assures us that we can rise above it, becoming our own guru. His book…. his websites… his programs ( show us how to lift ourselves to our greater selves.


His vibration can lift everyone around him as he consciously transmits a more expanded version of ourselves.


**I hope you will enjoy his loving and evolutionary vibrational signature. Nandhiji is a remarkable gift to the planet at this time, a wayshower.




Paradigm Shifters ~ with Veronica Entwistle

Tuesday, 8pm (pst) ~ January 5th.

Special Guest ~ Nandhiji​

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~ if you are unable to listen on Tuesday, not to to worry - you can listen several days later on:




A Message from Veronica --





Tomorrow I will be channeling the Three Wisemen of the story of their visit to the brand new baby Jesus'.


Whether or not you believe the story, it is a bountiful love offering. For example, their gifts were... gold, frankinscence and myrrh, carefully chosen to honour  human nobility and can bring a gift to every function of our lives. Gold, to recognize high value, frankincense to waft purifying scent around the exchange of gold, and myrrh, for its healing, an incense to heal through death - which is seen as a passageway to higher realms.


If you'd like to join us tomorrow at 3 PM PT your "ticket" or simple admission is on my site,, click on

Private Sessions.


I look forward to seeing you there.


Love and blessings for this brand new year. Let's waft our frankincense, share our gold, and breath deeply the soothing flows of myrrh.




510 595-5564