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Paradigm Shifters presents Matthew Griffin and RISE OF THE UNARMED FORCES

This week on Paradigm Shifters:

Paradigm Shifters Presents - Meet Matthew Griffin. Matthew comes from a long military history and sees the repeating patterns of "saving" areas with war, the US pulling out, leaving devastation and an invitation to guerila forces, to maraud whatever area is targeted. The last one is Afghanistan. 

Mathew took a huge leap to create "Business Not Bullets", a business in Afghanistan where myriad wars, ignorance and poverty pulse through life.

Matthew and his magical network created business, to be run by the locals. "Griff" as he is known, established  - with products like shoes, clothing attire, dove holiday tree ornaments and other items being continually added. is run by Afghanistan citizens, to recharge the communities.

Matthew's book is STEPS ASCENDING. RISE OF THE UNARMEDS FORCES - a feisty and courageous look at making a difference.

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A Message from Veronica --

Hi Everyone,

I've been thinking a lot. I'll bet you have too! Is the Democratic Republic sliding so fast down a hill so as to splinter at the bottom of its run? Often, we have heard from in many a Spiritual or Philosophical treatise the suggestion that America is endowed with a special light. A light that, if nurtured, can radiate evolution round the world.

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Much love


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