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Paradigm Shifters presents Healing with Patrick Toit
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Paradigm Shifters presents Healing with Patrick Toit

This week on Paradigm Shifters:

Paradigm Shifters is concerned with the divisive dangers of misinformation. We bring you Patrick Toit arguing for truth and for the right to reconsider information to help support and even recreate his own health.

A Biochemist and Dendrologist (tree doctor) was given a death sentence by his doctor he said, "Oh yeah? Watch this!" Shocked into action he used his Biochemist's wit and wisdom, tracking his own health through the question "What changed here?" He was filling up with calcium.

Mighty determination loaded with attitude, drove him on adding in a growing awareness of health issues in specific parts of the country. Like Vitamin D deficiencies in areas where there is less sunshine and on it goes. Finally adding a number of supplements like magnesium and ultimately Vitamin K he found solutions that will amaze you. Not only for his own heart’s situation but for osteo porosous, depression, and real rejuvenation.

You have to hear Patrick – www. – in his own voice, to recognize the enthusiasm we can share for how much disease reversal is in our own hands and in peer reviewed articles.

Meet Patrick tonight at 8 PM PDT on Station 1 of, 

Paradigm Shifters ~ with Veronica Entwistle

Tuesday, 8pm (pst) ~ August 24th.

Special Guest ~ Patrick Toit

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A Message from Veronica --

Hello Everyone,

How are you doing with the steady changes we are absorbing or deflecting? We are amidst the time long extolled. THE SHIFT Amazing changes. Constant revelations of hidden corruptions or power issues. Amidst it all, including climate change, we are finding new ways of centering, being in charge of our world, and for many of you, calling in higher frequencies and running them through ourselves to stabilize us, to heal all kinds of inner stress responses. Our intentions are met more quickly, and as such we meet up with others who are working their energy selves to evolve - for the greater good.

I am noticing in readings that many of you are bursting into greater and greater levels of yourselves.

Let's talk!

Much love


510 595-5564

Veronica Entwistle is an intuitive energy counselor whose guides take her into a deep and loving exploration of the inner conscious, the universe, and the realms beyond. She is known for her wit, love and compassion, and ability to unhook realities from limiting patterns.

Call 510.595.5564 to schedule your session.