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Your speaker today is the amazing intuitive reader, psychic medium, and DNA energy worker Shirley Bolstok.

Shirley was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Her parents were Holocaust survivors. She is an energy healer, speaker, and teacher, as well as a medium who is able to connect with those on the Other Side. She’s been doing readings and energy work for 25 years. She is clairvoyant and clairaudient.

Shirley also works with the transformation of DNA. She works with intuitive information, past lives, generational miasmas [mee-asmas], crossovers, energy clearances, subconscious programming, and understanding our spiritual roots.

She has authored books such as Apples from the Tree of Life, Impassioned Soul, and Grapes from the Vines of Life, and has been a speaker at the 11:11 and 12:12 Earth Star Conferences, and has been a guest on numerous radio shows.

Shirley will be speaking about the 8 and 72 activations and the new binary codes that She is now doing. She will also do special code and activations for the current times and will be discussing how history repeats itself and how we can work with the consciousness to change the outcome instead of history repeating. We will also be working with timelines and setting the grid.