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This is the very first episode of The New Reality Show.  On this call-in live show, Dr. Art Emrich, Ph.D. and Dr. Christina Winsey, D.C. want to be your guides, assisting and empowering you to create your new reality for greater happiness, less stress, more health and success. 

These two dynamic co-hosts will help you learn how to take charge of your own amazing mind and emotions, so that you will better navigate these chaotic and stressful times with more ease than you thought possible.

Dr. Art and Dr. Chris want to empower you to heal yourself in mind, body, and spirit so that you can achieve success in whatever is important to you. You will discover, first-hand, some of the tools and techniques they have successfully used with countless clients.

In addition to some fireside chats and fascinating interviews, here are just some of the topics they will tackle:

  • Wrangling in a racing mind,
  • Solving sleep problems,
  • Depressive feelings
  • Help for PTSD sufferers,
  • Addiction recovery and stopping negative, addictive habits,
  • Reducing stress overwhelm, and managing the unavoidable life stressors more effectively.
  • Controlling fears,
  • …and many other nagging challenges that reduce your happiness, success and well-being.

You'll get answers and solutions in real time, with laser coaching, tools, tips and techniques right on the air.

They'll help you tap into and own your inner power, based on the amazing, holistic discoveries in neuro, behavioral, and health sciences, quantum physics, law of attraction, laser coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, emotional freedom and so much more.

So tune here as these dynamic co-hosts blast off on BBS this Friday, July 30th at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern