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This Friday on The New Reality Show will be a very important show for anyone and everyone who cares about the millions of children who are homeless, living on the streets, or are in situations no child should be in.

Our guest is Sharyn Abbott, a woman with a powerful mission.  She is a successful entrepreneur for over 23 years. Sharyn had an 8-year career in sales in the Fortune 500 arena and is author of 10 books.

Sharyn created the idea for the Ultimate Business University in honor of her adopted brother, Tony,  He became terminally ill in 1998 and she became his primary health care advocate.  Through the ten years of his care Sharyn became aware of the number of children living on the streets because of the stories he told about being in foster care.

Her ambitious plan to help thousands of children from around the World, is in the process of becoming a reality and you won’t want to miss her story, her incredible plans and the inspiration for saving our children that she so readily shares.