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How do Become a Top Performer After Huge Childhood Insecurities?
Zachary Herman, Actor & Fitness Mindset Jedi
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Recovering from a childhood of being ruthlessly mocked for his weight, Zach has been on a crusade.  From discovering his confidence through the martial arts, live performance, and eventually personal training and nutrition coaching, Zach knows not only how the body works, but what it takes to overcome big hurdles of self-doubt, inner turmoil and confidence issues.

Now a successful personal trainer and musical theater actor, graduate of Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama, Zach coaches high performance people to their fittest.  Since he arrived in NYC he’s had the pleasure to work with models, professional dancers and performers of the Broadway community. He specializes in removing any and all obstacles in the path of his clients’ highest levels of success.

As Zach says, “If you bring the body, the mind will follow.”

Zach calls himself the “Fitness Mindset Jedi” and he epitomizes the kinds of amazing young people who are coming up in the World today. 

You’ll have an opportunity to call in and ask him questions when we open the phone lines for the show.  So get your questions ready.

Meanwhile, I think we all have a lot we can learn from this tenacious man.