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Our guest, Melissa Rodriguez, went on a journey of passion for self-discovery, personal growth and overcoming early child and adulthood challenges that began the search for being whole, happy and successful.

Today, Melissa is an author, wealth practitioner and even more specifically, a practitioner of the Law of Attraction. She helps literally thousands of people, having grown an amazing 184,000 member Facebook group called The Law of Attraction & The Secret.

Melissa says “I finally asked the right question- What can I do to change my life?!” which, she says, is the key that opened the door for her to understand what had happened, why it did and what she could now do about it.

If you’ve ever asked yourself why things are the way they are in your life, and you are praying for the way you too can become the best, most abundant version of yourself, listen in as I talk with Melissa.