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There are many forms of relationships: parent-child, husband-wife, employer-employee, caregiver, friend, and more. A variety of feelings come with having and maintaining any relationships. But it seems that specifically complicated is relationships happening with women and between women. This episode is for you if you are one of my lady listeners or if you're a men who loves a lady or is raising a young lady.  Is it possible to make better and deeper connections with women? Is it okay to have "necessary conversations" to determine the health and maintenance of a relationship? Do we have a limited capacity for a certain number or depth of relationships? Is it really possible to make healthy, mutually beneficial, lifelong connections with other women? My expert guest today, Leah MJ Dean, a Tribe Formation Expert, answers these questions and discusses her formula to deepen our relationship with ourselves, our friends (especially between women), family, and more.  Leah Dean has created a simple, but very powerful formula for building a tribe that stands the test of time. In her soon to be released book "Assemble the Tribe: Believe in Your Value. Find Belonging. Be Different." Leah shares her trademarked formula based on proprietary research and shows us how to shift our mindset by first discovering the value that we bring to every connection we make.