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Broadcast Date

Here we are almost the end of Oct. Its our once a month free reading show. I have a lot of questions to answer, and you know I will get as many in as I can. You can still send it in over the weekend. I do love to do live readings so call in at 23-744-4831. 

​FYI - Meta monday's has always been on Station 1 , so I tend to go there when  I am on the site. Last night ( am) I was on and the music was AMAZING!!!!! 

I'm first generation alternative music from way back even before mtv lol.... loved it. my son wouldn't touch it now. He likes stuff that sounds like bread, amercia, etc.... I have a rare crazy collection of stuff that most people outside of the genre never heard. So last night, I had no idea  I had clicked the station on, and it's 3 am and the coolest music starts playing and I'm thinking "where am i" who's doing this?, what decade is it" and sure enough ! It's BBSRadio ! We do radio right !!