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Meta Mondays on the Network brings you fascinating topics on all things spiritual and metaphysical. Dr. Low is the author of Universal Spiritual Philosophy and Practice. He discussed all beliefs, all spiritual practices.  Of course, he is quite adept at Dream analyzing. After having been a Psychic Medium® and Angel Practitioner® for many years, I began to realize many people were very interested in their dreams. ( as I was!) I decided to learn as much as I could over the years so that I would interpret what my dreams were saying to me. Occasionally I would help clients, letting them know, however, that I was not a professional at this, and I never charged them for that. When I first interviewed Dr. David, I was thrilled to find out that he also did this. I know several people who have gone to him and are very happy they did. He guests on Meta Mondays every other month, on Mondays.