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This month in Chicago we lost a pioneer in the Cultural Heritage Tourism community and the broader Tourism arena, Barbara Kensey.   Barb was the CEO of Kensey & Kensey Communications an arts and culture guru. She loved music, theater, black heritage and tourism, merging all those loves in a career.  Maudlyne Ihejiirka, reporter for the Chicago Sun Times newspaper, wrote a tribute article to her, that described her perfectly. So much so that I have borrowed from that article for this piece.

The veteran P.R. practitioner, arts and culture consultant, as well as prolific writer, she was a pioneer in the tourism industry. She was founding publisher of “The Guide to Black Chicago/Access Black Chicago,” the first visitor’s and resource guide to the city’s black history, culture and entertainment.

Barbara Kensey had rare insight and understanding into how African American Culture occupies an integral place in the tourism industry — in many instances, even more so than many practitioners. Those of us in the vineyard will sorely miss her valuable council.

She was extremely knowledgeable about the tourism arena and was a guest on our show “Live From the Pullman National Monument”. It was one of our most popular. shows. She will definitely leave a void. With that, we thought it appropriate to honor that knowledge and commitment and re –run the show the show with her guest appearance. It will run Sunday May 27 as a tribute to her.  You will also be able to get it free on iTunes next week.