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Broadcast Date
Tuesdays 7 PM, Re-broadcast Sundays 8 AM (both PDT)
I'm hoping that right about now you're saying something like........

 "Ah, I get it. Your program is about the issues that concern my life at the deepest levels, from the most expansive perspectives and with an eye toward the most distinguished....... absurdities. By listening to this show I will  "get"  me more awareness, freedom, laughter and even...... love. I GET IT!"

But......... if for some reason you still don't get it, tonight's featured phrase is "I GET IT."

So, get it?
If you think about  how much of our lives are spent getting, you'd think we'd want to know more about it, especially if getting controls them.
You get it yet?
Okay, let's try another approach.  
Shopping versus getting.
When Rochelle goes to stores, she shops, which means she likes to look around and take in the sights.  I, on the other hand, go to the stores to get and then.................... get out. 
Consequently, our shopping/getting expeditions tend to be a little consternating.  But, as on our program, "Insight Out--the Naked Truth," we find lots of humor in our "discrepancies," which makes our time together, if not less conflicting, a lot more fun. You get it?
Here's a hint of what you're in for:  "Out is for-giving, in is for-getting."  We'll unpack that little mystery during tonight's conversation.
So, get with it, and join us tonight for a lively couple dialogue rich with insights. zany characters, music, humor and, multiple moments of "Aha...I Get It."
Talk to you later.
PS. If you can't tune in tonight, you can listen to the re-broadcast of the edited version Sunday mornings at 8 AM (PDT) or just click on the Archives and listen any time you want.  You get it? 
("Lucy, how many times do I have to splain this to you?"--that's a joke for old timers. 
You get it?)