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Broadcast Date Sundays 8 AM (PDT)

"You Could Have Fooled Me."
Is that what you're thinking?
Well, even if you're not, you'll be thinking it tomorrow morning when you tune in to the edited re-broadcast because of last Tuesday's live program,, "You Could Have Fooled Me." is the featured phrase of the week.
No fooling........

Here's a little test which I invite you to take to see if this week's phrase applies: ("You Could Have Fooled Me." = "YCHFM"

I'm economically better off today than 10 years ago. "YCHFM"?
The American electorate is enlightened.--"YCHFM"?
There is merciful God running the show.--"YCHFM"?
We've pretty much gotten past racism, sexism, and ageism.--"YCHFM"?
The world is ready to wake up.--"YCHFM"?
Only very cynical people would say "YCHFM" to all the above. "YCHFM"?

How'd you do?
Here's one interpretation of the phrase:
"something that you say when you do not believe
what someone says about something that you saw or experienced yourself"  which leads to what our presidential candidates promise us about how they can make it all better. "YCHFM"?

The list goes on, but if you can join us in the morning you just may see ways to turn this sense of betrayal, cynicism and outright unbelievable assumptions around.
At the very least, you can expect to laugh at the absurdities of the human dilemma and even celebrate our positive attributes.  

And maybe you'll be a little less tempted to say, "YCHFM" next time you encounter a positive affirmation of the human potential.

Please join us Sunday morning 8 AM (PDT) and listen to the edited re-broadcast.

Talk to you later,
Errol & Rochelle