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This week's topic:  "On Hold".  "On Hold" is a sketch that we have performed where i play a characteer who epitomizes the frustrations and concerns of "every man".  Rochelle plays God.  Type casting.  After complaining and "kvetching" (redundancy), my character finally decides to call God.

"What's God's number?" he asks.  Listen to the show and find out.  Now, while kvetching to God, my character, let's call him, Ernie, has some calls comiing in that are obviously more important thatn his converastion with God., So he puts God on hold. Hence the topic.

Listen in to find out what could be so important to Ernie that he puts God "on hold."  You'll probably find it squirmingly famililar.  Join us for the fun and provocative show where we'll examine those things that keep us from being "held" by the Divine.