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"The title of this week’s “Insight Out—the Naked truth” is "On Hold".

"On Hold" is a comic sketch that Rochelle and I have performed across the country for many years. I play a character that epitomizes the frustrations and concerns of "every man."  Rochelle plays God.  (Type casting.)  After complaining and "kvetching" (redundancy), my character finally decides to call God on the phone. "What's God's number?" he asks.  Listen to the show and find out. 

Now, while kvetching to God, my character, Ernie, has some calls coming in that are obviously more important than his conversation with God. So he puts God on hold. Hence the topic.

Find out what could be so important to Ernie that he puts God "on hold."  You'll probably find it all too familiar, but laughable.

Also, “God” has 3 surprising suggestions for Ernie.  Will this every man take God’s advice or will he be sucked in to the demands of all of those calls coming from the world.  Go to,  Tuesday 7 PM (PDT) (that’s tomorrow) and join us as we explore how one mortal can transform frustrations into transcendence.