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Tuesdays 7 PM Live, Sundays, 8 AM re-broadcast (PDT)
"Awesome!"--the featured phrase of the week.
Like its predecessors, "heavy," "cool," "the bong," "awesome" has become the word to express our surprise and wonder at what occurs.
​While I personally reserve the use of "awesome" for events like the big bang, the speed of light, the power of love and bar b q spare ribs, I'm willing to acknowledge how anything that triggers the "awesome" reflex is probably a good thing.
On the other hand, awesome can refer to events which, though perhaps mind-boggling, are not such good things: Climate de-stabilzation, the hydrogen bomb, and that which lives in our psyche that could actually want Donald Trump to be our next president. 
At the very least, "awesome" can interrupt the familiar ho-hum and trigger a new level of amazement for that which is beyond what we might have expected.
Rochelle has wanted to highlight "awesome" as our featured phrase of the week. So, in honor of her 77th birthday, which was last Monday and our 40th anniversary this monday, tomorrow we will immerse ourselves in the "awesome-ness" of life.
Please join us and we'll do our best to use our conversation to provoke the awesome-response and, at the very least, provide some laughter, awesome music and insights into the nature and wonder of existence and how it applies...................  to you.
Hopefully, you're response is, 
"Awesome!, I'll join you."

Until we talk Sunday morning.
Errol & Rochelle