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Repeat of Show, "What Do I Know?" from March 29, 2016  We're off to our great niece's wedding this week  in Sacramento--have a great week.  This is one of our best programs--and it's we get right to the insights and the punch lines.  But then again, "What do I Know?

​Rochelle and I  audition many phrases before we pick the the guest phrase for each program. It's an open audition. Any phrase is welcome to try out.  Recently we've auditioned "You Betcha," "Probably," "You Mean It," and several others, but this week's winner is "What Do I Know."

Before we select our champ, we put each candidate through a vigorous vetting to see how they hold up under fire, how useful they are and if they have a dark past we should be aware of. (Did you know that "You betcha" was extensively used by Mussolini and Attila the Hun?)

I'd have to say that tonight's phrase, "What Do I Know"  really stood out--especially in the category of how to diffuse spousal irritation. When Rochelle or I are tempted to inflict our version of reality on each other, we've been trying out the phrase, "What Do I Know?"  Not only does it keeps us humble, but it diffuses self-righteous indignation and the wear and tear on our ego-defense system.

So, in spite of our desire to be all knowing and to share perspectives in our conversation about things we think we know, ultimately we are left with what is most likely the truth of our situation, but then....."What Do I Know."

Join us tonight to find out what we'd like to know,  hope to know and maybe even will know...or at least laugh with us at our pretensions to "knowing." Maybe we'll even find the peace that "passeth all knowing." 

Expect some of our delightened characters (Rabbi Greenberg, Father O'Malley, Professors Schnitzel & Umbrage, et al) to weigh in and try their best at knowing.
You can also expect some great music, and who knows, you may come away from the conversation knowing something you didn't know that you knew.

But, heh......what do I know?

Talk to you tonight.
Errol & Rochelle