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Well....what d'ya expect?

Actually, "What d'ya expect?" is our featured phrase of the week.

Since expectations determine a great deal of our life experiences, we thought they deserve special treatment. What d'ya expect.

 And while we will continue to probe into life's mysteries and all the humor therein, we thought you might appreciate a philosophical look at what leads to those pesky expectations, what do they expect from us and what can we expect from them.

So join us tonight, but if you miss the live broadcast, you can always go to the archives at or listen again Sunday morning at 8 AM. PDT

Oh, and BTW, you can expect the show to be rich with couple dialogue, surprise insights and quirky and sometimes humorous perspectives on the human condition. This is "Insight Out--the Naked Truth" --what d'ya expect?

 Until we talk later, may your expectations fulfill your desires.

Errol & Rochelle

Who'd ya expect?