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Hello Friend,

Insight out--the Naked Truth continues, but with a new sponsor and new format.

We're are delighted to let you know that bbsradio has offered to sponsor our Sunday Morning (8 AM pdt) show. FYI That's tomorrow morning.

We are very honored as "Insight out--the Naked Truth" is the first and only program that BBSRADIO is sponsoring.

Thanks you Don and Doug.  We love you two, too.

And thank you and Universe (joboneforhumanity) for your love, support and ongoing sponsorship.
But, for awhile at least, we won't be doing live programs on Tuesday nights.  I believe that the edited re-runs are worth listening to again--a lot to think about.  So  tomorrow morning, Sunday, we go all the way back to our first broadcast from Lupin Lodge, Jan 7, 2014 (where were you then?).
Since this was the first time we used the words, "Naked Truth,"  the focus of this program is on "The Truth"--what is it? Where is it? Where it's legal for it to go naked.  How do you recognize it and can you get it wholesale?

The show features a fabulous opening examination of the nature of truth by Rochelle--if your time is limited--at least check that out.  We will also be playing our comedy sketch, "Chez Truth" from a live performance in Marin County filmed a few years back. And per usual, some great songs and our  playful banter ever on the lookout for insights and laughs.

Try and can catch the show Sunday morning at 8 AM (pdt).

And whatever the "truth" may be, I'm told it will set us free!  Join us in the morning --let yourself feel a little freer.

Talk to you in the morning,
Errol & Rochelle