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As female musicians, mystics and "goddess warriors", both Cheryl and Ash resonate with the importance of our collective sacred female fierceness in bringing about our return to balance, which we understand to be absolutely essential for this planet's salvation. The Riot Grrl movement was, and continues to be, a musical movement initially made by a small group of female musicians in the 1990's, as their stand in crying out the injustice and imperfection of the imbalanced world of music... with the masculine being far too dominant within its sphere and focus. We believe the same is true for our collective world, within our spirituality. In order for us to return to the knowledge that this world is sacred and holy in its totality, and is currently in great danger, we must address this imbalance and rectify it with our individual, sacred activism.  

"The formula for a new humanity in mystical terms is the same as the formula for the creation of the atom bomb." ~ Andrew Harvey