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Broadcast Date
This Sunday March 31 on Here We Stand
on at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern, 11 pm GMT

Crimes of the Mormon Church, Part Two: A Top Insider Speaks

On this week's show, a former leader of the Mormon (LDS) Church in Salt Lake City will describe her eye witnessing of cult ritual killings of adults and children by church leaders, including the present LDS leader Russell Nelson, who met recently with "Pope Francis" in Rome. For years she witnessed the active complicity of Catholic prelates and Utah politicians in these crimes. She is now part of a movement to expose and stop these church-state killers.
Also featured will be new revelations of the so-called ITNJ and its links to a Rockefeller and Illuminati-funded group called Humanitad. 
Reports of the upcoming ITCCS Week of Action against Criminal Churches will also be featured. With your regular host Kevin Annett.