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Broadcast Date
This Sunday March 3 on Here We Stand at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern, 11 pm GMT
On the Trail of Church and Royal Child Killers: The Hard Evidence 
A Dutch Journalist Speaks
Following on last week's "palace coup" against 'Pope Francis' and the disruption of a Ninth Circle ritual in Rome, we continue our campaign to stop high level child killers with an exclusive interview with an expert Dutch journalist, Ella Ster.
Ella will describe the connection between child sacrifices and the Dutch and Belgian royal families, their ties with the Catholic Church, and the state-level cover-up of these groups' links to the convicted serial killer Marc Dutroux.
Also featured will be:
- an update report from the ITCCS Special team that disrupted the February 23 Ninth Circle coven in Rome
- news reports of the recent jailing of Cardinal George Pell and the killing of a key eyewitness against 'Pope Francis' in   Argentina 
- Upcoming actions and campaigns
Tune in this Sunday and learn how you can help save innocent lives and take down the bloodiest and oldest criminal gang on the planet!
With your regular host Kevin Annett / Eagle Strong Voice.
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