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Here We Stand program will temporarily suspend its weekly broadcasts
Reclamation of land in Vancouver by Republic of Kanata citizens, 2021
Broadcast Date

On Sunday, July 14, 2024, our Here We Stand program will temporarily suspend its weekly broadcasts.

After nearly a decade of broadcasting as the official voice of the sovereign Republic of Kanata and its affiliated Global Republic Alliance, Here We Stand is re-formatting its theme and platform. The show will be launched again at a future date as part of our expanded Republic News Service.

Until then, the complete archive of all the programs of Here We Stand and its predecessor, Radio Free Kanata, will continue to be available for listening at . These shows are a precious historical resource of groundbreaking stories and valuable lessons for our struggle.

The work of the Republic and its affiliated movements continues! So be sure to tune in today and next week at 6 pm eastern to catch the (for now) final live programs which will address “How to battle the global Omnicide: History and Strategies”.

For more information about our new work and media platforms including the upcoming Republic News Service (RNS), and to volunteer with our global movement, contact and consult "Breaking News" under .

It is my honor to have served as the regular host of Radio Free Kanata and Here We Stand since January 2015, as it will be to host future programs of our movement. I want to thank my program operators Doug and Don for their constant support over the past nine years.

Yours for the Republic and the new Covenant,

Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice